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Your marketing toolbox

We help you generate revenue

Many companies choose marketing channels quite randomly. Often, the choices are based on the fear of missing out rather than a well-thought-out plan.


We can help you with an overview and prioritization of your marketing based on what you want to achieve and your allocated budget.

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Let us help you choose channels


Selection based on desired results and budget

Our team will create a channel strategy based on your business, your market, what you want to achieve, and your budget.

Opportunity to continuously adjust engagement

We can adjust engagement on a per-channel basis according to season, needs, and results.

Ensure consistency across channels

We ensure that there is coherence between the channels. Each chosen channel must play a role in the overall marketing mix, so nothing is left to chance.

Why choose us to run your online advertising?

Our efforts generate measurable results

We always start by mapping out the goals and gaining an understanding of the market and our opportunities. Based on this, we put together a marketing effort that spans across channels.

The purpose of this is to achieve synergies across channels so that we reach your target audience(s) in multiple places in their decision-making process with the right messages.


Increased traffic


Conversion rate


More leads


Increased value

Most popular advertising efforts

Want to know more about advertising on Google Search?

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Advertising on

Google Search

Often used for:

  • Attract ready-to-buy customers
  • Creating short term results
  • Increase your market share on Google

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Advertising on


LinkedIn ads are often used for:

  • B2B lead generation
  • Brand-awareness and exposure
  • To attract new employees

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Advertising on


Advertising on Instagram is often used for:

  • To reach 12-29 year olds
  • Brand-awareness and ad recall
  • Acquisition of followers and traffic

Ready to boost your conversions?

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Execution of


Good for:

  • Getting more out of your traffic
  • Scaling your business case
  • Cost optimization

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YouTube ikon

Advertising on


YouTube advertising is often used for:

  • Story telling
  • Brand-awareness and exposure
  • B2C and B2B lead generation

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Advertising on


Facebook ads are often used for:

  • Retargeting
  • B2C lead generation
  • Acquisition of followers and traffic

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Advertising on

Google Display

Display-ads are often used for:

  • Remarketing
  • Brand-awareness and exposure
  • Reaching people early in the buying process

Speed up your website

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Execution of

Speed optimization

Good for

  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Improving user experience
  • Increasing ranks in SEO

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Morningbound marketing

“Vi har de sidste 3 år haft fornøjelsen af samarbejdet med Morningbound – først i forhold til udarbejdelse af en ny hjemmeside, og siden hen har vi gjort brug af bureauets ekspertise inden for SEO, annoncering på LinkedIn og Google Ads. Jeg oplever en stor faglig dygtighed og nogle meget sympatiske ansatte. Jeg kan varmt anbefale Morningbound!”

Anja Højheldt Jespersen

Marketingansvarlig, Syddanske Forskerparker
5 out of 5 stars


Increased traffec to the website


More ready-to-buy leads

Do you already know, your goal with online advertising?

  • I want to:

    Get more customer inquiries or increase e-commerce

  • I want to:

    Attract the right employees

  • I want to:

    Increase brand-awareness about my business

In short - start with Google Ads

If you want to start with online marketing to attract new customers, then Google marketing is generally a really good place to start.

Our research shows that visitors from search engines are 65% more likely to make a purchase than visitors from social media - although the traffic is more expensive per click.

Read more on Google Ads

In short - start with LinkedIn and Instagram

If you want to become visible to potential new employees, then LinkedIn is phenomenally good.

It becomes even more effective if you combine it with an Instagram effort, as many people use a company's Instagram account to learn more about the company.

In short - start with social media marketing

Marketing on social media is ideal for increasing your brand awareness, where you reach as many people as possible in the desired target audience as often as possible with the lowest possible cost

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Define the strategy behind your marketing

Choosing the right online advertising channel(s)

If you are still a bit unsure about which online advertising channels make sense for your company's marketing strategy, you are far from alone.

We help you develop the strategy, and we also execute it with you.

We work with both paid advertising, SEO efforts, and communication efforts.

Paid vs. organic marketing

Short-term results or long-term snowball effect

Do you want to achieve immediate results? Or test things out?

Paid advertising provides results almost immediately. You pay the advertising platforms to give you visibility from day one, and you have the opportunity to define who should receive your messages.

Advantages and disadvantages: You become visible to your potential customers immediately, and you get quick indications of which efforts are effective. In addition, you can define the target audience yourself - the disadvantage is that you pay for all traffic and visibility.

Do you dream of building an infinitely scalable foundation?

The definition of organic marketing efforts is that they do not cost advertising money. Examples may include social media posts or SEO.

Advantages and disadvantages: The advantage is that you can in principle scale your organic efforts infinitely, and it does not cost you a single advertising penny. The disadvantage is that it requires TIME and a lot of it. At the same time, it also places high demands on your ability to create quality content for your marketing efforts.

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Hopefully by now you want to get to know us better.

Let's start with a conversation where we talk about your problem and your options.

Online advertising
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