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Effective conversion optimization

Get more value out of your existing website traffic

The point of conversion optimization is to increase the proportion of your visitors who take a converting action such as to fill out a contact form, buy a product or call you.

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Understand the business case before implementing solutions

This is how we work with conversion optimization

Before we start with conversion optimization, we do an analysis of how your website or webshop performs today.


We go through the analysis with you and provide an overview of why you are struggling with a low conversion rate. That process gets clear numbers on the table and puts gut feelings out the door.


From here, we set realistic objectives and make a plan, which we execute on afterwards. After a few months, we look at the numbers again and show you the effect of the effort.

Conversion optimization is about more than just "pop-ups"

Understand your customers' needs and create the good customer journey

It sounds easier said than done, but conversion optimization is about guiding visitors to your website instead of letting them click around randomly.

The key to good conversion optimization is to define clear and realistic objectives for different types of conversions (email, calls, registrations) and then work systematically with the tools that make the user journey easier for customers.


More leads


Conversion rate


Increased value of existing traffic


Faster load times on mobile and desktop


Conversion rate

4 effective areas in conversion optimization

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User-friendly design

The design must be contemporary and easy to navigate. The trick is to make it usable and not too artistic.

Page speed optimization

Speed ​​optimization is an absolute must. Your customers will not wait for their website to finish loading.

Read more about page speed optimization
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Call-to-actions (CTA) are visible buttons that, in selected places on the website, guide the visitor.

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Which idea is best: A or B? Get data on the theory by setting up split tests with different views.

Simon Lübiç Hedegård
Simon Lübiç Hedegård
Head of Growth & Partner
Peter Brix
Peter Brix
Kommerciel Chef
Emelie Carén
Emelie Carén
Art Director
Amalie Christensen
Amalie Christensen
Head of SEO
Mikkel Selko
Mikkel Selko
Jesper Martinussen
Jesper Martinussen
Digital Designchef & Partner
Specialist team under one roof

The dream team

When you enter into a collaboration on conversion optimization, it is always with our own specialists.


You always have a permanent contact person, and you can get in touch with the entire team during the entire process.


It provides security and assurance that your conversion optimization is carried out by the experts you have met.

3 important considerations about conversion optimization

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Lets talk about your digital project

Hopefully by now you want to get to know us better.

Let's start with a conversation where we talk about your problem and your options.

Conversion rate optimization
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