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Digital marketing agency - 'SEAL team six' within marketing

Your external marketing department with a focus on performance

We help some of the country's most ambitious companies drive their marketing.

We specialize in lead generation and marketing for everything from industry, municipalities, education, and software businesses (SaaS).

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Benefits of an external marketing department


Access to specialists in various disciplines

You get access to a team of specialists in areas such as Google Ads, content creation, SEO, social media, print, and more.

Opportunity to adjust engagement on an ongoing basis

You can adjust your engagement according to season, performance, and needs.

Focus on output rather than operational tasks

Internal marketing teams can get bogged down in administrative operational tasks that take away from work focused on your marketing. The external marketing team does not face this situation.

Why choose us to run your digital marketing?

Expertise across channels and marketing efforts

Working agilely with multiple marketing efforts is an effective method to achieve results in the short term.

We start by developing a strategy based on your needs, the market, and your business case, and align it with what you want to achieve. From there, we assemble the team, select channels, tie your communication together, and prioritize efforts.


Increased traffic


Increased conversion rate


More leads


Increased value from marketing
Betina Vestergård Jepsen
Lead Social Specialist
Dennis Clement Jacobsen
Social specialist
Amalie Koblauch
Operation Director
Jacob Bartholdy
Head of PPC
Simon Lübiç Hedegård
Simon Lübiç Hedegård
Head of PPC & Growth
Hire a whole department instead of one generalist

The dream team

You probably know it. You want to be active on social media, but your SEO is completely messed up, and the new brochure needs to be ready tomorrow - and wait a minute - did I send out the newsletter last week?

Instead, hire a team to deliver on your marketing, so you can suddenly juggle many balls and catch them all.

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Marketing agency without a "one-size fits all"

How we start an online marketing process

We always start by clarifying what the goals should be for the collaboration. Should leads be generated? Awareness created? Or maybe something completely different?


Based on your desired market, target audience, goals, and budget, we put together our recommendation for the best setup for you.


We will always recommend some form of a pilot project at the beginning, where we test the case and the collaboration over an agreed period.

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Which channels should you work on?

Let us help you prioritize your marketing

"SEO..!", "No! What about Facebook?", "Shouldn't we have a brochure first?" - "And shouldn't we also work on lead generation?"


Instead of buying an effort for a specific channel, buy us to help you with your marketing as a whole. Then we will help you choose communication, channels and prioritize your efforts based on your primary goals.

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External marketing department
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