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Google Ads, Facebook advertising, SEO, linkbuilding

Gul & Gratis

Gul & Gratis operates one of the nation's largest online marketplaces for new and used items, and their business is based on their many millions of website visits each month.


The growth in the number of website visitors is therefore critical for their business, and Morningbound was hired to boost that.


A good brand cannot stand for growth alone

For several years, Gul & Gratis has manifested as one of the country's largest online marketplaces with a strong branding positioning based in Funen. Over the years, this branding effort has been strengthened through traditional media efforts on, for example, television and radio.

But the Gul & Gratis ambitious growth plan could no longer be realized just by relying on a "top-of-mind" branding effect - especially not with new strong competitors such as the Facebook Marketplace.
Now the focus should also be on capturing the possible website visitors who were actively looking for products that could be bought on Gul & Gratis as well as users who could be inspired to shop on the online marketplace.
Morningbound was allowed to work on this challenge - and Facebook and Google were identified as the channels to focus on.


Activating new users through Push and Pull marketing efforts

A solid plan was laid out with three clear focus areas and they included both Pull and Push marketing.

The first area of ​​focus was a Pull marketing effort via Google & Bing Ads setup with a focus on attracting large amounts of website visitors for a very low click price. Here, visitors from Google were specifically targeted, looking for products that could be found on Gul & Gratis.

The secondary effort area was also a Pull marketing effort, but where the growth of the organic search traffic for Gul & Gratis was in focus. Here, Morningbound´s SEO specialists worked together with the web developers at Gul & Gratis to optimize the indexing of the platform on Google in order to attract free, organic website visitors.

The last area of ​​focus was a Push marketing effort targeted at Facebook users who did not just have Gul & Gratis top-of-mind or specifically searched for products on the platform. Here, inspirational ads were designed to attract attention to the Gul & Gratis platform. For example, it could be a season-based ad in the spring with the theme "Camper vans", which could inspire visitors to visit Gul & Gratis selection of camper vans up to the summer season.


Explosive growth in new monthly visitors

The result of the three focus areas was clear already a few months into the collaboration:
  1. Several 100,000s of Danish monthly visitors with a high interaction rate on the website
  2. A far better indexed website that provided many new "free" web visitors from organic rankings on Google
  3. 1,000s of new users from Facebook, who were inspired to visit and shop at Gul & Gratis
  4. Gul & Gratis experienced significant growth of their parcel post product through Google Ads and Bings
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Gul og Gratis website preview

Strong results

Gul & Gratis monthly visitors have received a strong boost

100000 +

monthly visitors

1000 +

new users from Facebook

Target on many new visitors

DSA campaigns in Google became the way forward

Dynamic Search Ads on Google became a clear winning strategy for Gul & Gratis as the product range is huge. With these suggestions from Google, the specialists were able to continuously design strong ad groups at cost-effective prices, as the battle had to be won on volume and not margin.


Push marketing towards new users

Take advantage of massive presence where your users are

When the hunt is about high volume of monthly visitors, then you need to be massively present on multiple channels.

Therefore, Gul & Gratis is also visibly present on e.g. Facebook with different campaigns, which were targeted in different ways.
It was, for example, summer campaigns with a focus on camper vans and other inspiration campaigns, which effectively diverted users' attention to products that could be found on Gul & Gratis.


“It is rare that I have the pleasure of working with an agency that knows how to break down difficult technical terms to an easily understandable level and at the same time succeeds at explaining the commercial value for the company. It is and always has been very nice to work with Morningbound, both having them as a consultant, but also when specific tasks needed to be executed.”


Kristian Petersen

Adm. director for Gul & Gratis

Collaboration with Morningbound provides internal team guidance

An important part of the journey for Gul & Gratis and Morningtbound was the close collaboration on the technical optimization of the Gul & Gratis platform.

Gul & Gratis has a number of skilled developers internally and with guidance from Morningbound's SEO specialists, they could start optimizing the platform from an SEO perspective and could thus assist in the goal of getting more website visitors from Google.



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