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March 22, 2023

How do you create a good “about us” page?

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Betina Vestergård Jepsen [Maternity leave]

Betina Vestergård Jepsen [Maternity leave]

Social Media Specialist

You create a good “about us” page by focusing on the following five areas:

  • Tell what you offer your customers
  • Avoid clichés and “Corporate Bullshit”
  • Tell about your passion through your “why”
  • Show your employees with pictures
  • Tell what kind of workplace you are

Your “about us” page is a great opportunity to gain credibility with customers and potential employees, if your page looks sharp and organized.

If you’re about to create a new website, you probably want to have complete control over your text work, so you appear professional and organized.

One of the places where you can really make a difference is on the mandatory “about us” page, which is often the first one visited by new customers or stakeholders. Therefore, it’s crucial that it looks sharp from the start.

“About us” is part of most company websites, and the purpose is to make both customers and potential employees smarter about the company and its employees. Below, we elaborate on our advice on how to create a good “about us” page.

Morgan med sin tjekliste

1. Tell what you offer your customers

Your “about us” page should give a clear picture of what you do and how you do it. Using Morningtrain as an example, we describe how we help companies grow through programming, web design, and online marketing. This way, it quickly becomes clear to readers what type of company we are.

Also, try to address the different needs that you can help fulfill with your products/services. This way, customers can find out if they’ve come to the right place.

2. Avoid clichés and “Corporate Bullshit”

One of the most important rules to remember when writing a good “about us” text is to not use the space for clichés and “Corporate Bullshit” that could have been on any other company’s “about us” page.

An example of clichés and “Corporate Bullshit” could be: “We are an agile company willing to go the extra mile so our customers are always satisfied.”

The above example says nothing specific about how the company works and promises something no company can guarantee: that all customers will always be satisfied. This is a utopia, and thus credibility is lost immediately.

In the real world, there will also be dissatisfied customers and conflicts, and these can actually help to improve cooperation and the quality of results. Something that we at Morningtrain, for example, are not afraid to address, because we believe that disagreement can also lead to something good.

And if you tell exactly the same thing as everyone else with the same hackneyed words, you lose the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and people will not really remember what they just read. Additionally, clichés and “Corporate Bullshit” do not seem very credible because they quickly become empty, meaningless talk.

Morgan i jakkesæt

And remember to be honest.

Clichés and corporate jargon often replace honesty, which is an important rule to remember when writing a good “about us” text – you have to be honest all the way.

Honesty gives authenticity, and it is only when a company is authentic that you can feel them and feel secure with them.

Of course, you should not reveal confidential information, but be honest about some things so that the reader gets to know you better.

For example, it could be about the following:

  • What are the limitations of the company, and why have I done what I do?
  • What is the purpose of the site, and what will ensure the business going forward?
  • What kind of feeling do I want to create on my site when people visit it?

Morgan listing pros and cons


3. Tell about your passion through your “why”.


‘Passion’ is a keyword when creating an “about us” page.

Every business should have thought about what they are in the world to do, what they dream of, and how they will get there. This can be summarized as your “why”. That is your raison d’être, and what you are here to do.

For example, our “why” at Morningtrain is that “We contribute to a world where kindness is good business”, and it is also stated on our “about us” page along with an explanation of it.

The purpose of having a “why” is, among other things, to stand out from the crowd and establish what customers or potential employees get if they choose you. In this way, it can also be a way for you to choose someone out if they can’t see themselves in your “why”.

You should let your readers know what you really care about and why you care about it.

Start, for example, with a little anecdote that can lead to an explanation of why you got into this industry.

It doesn’t have to involve specific people, but the story can still be made personal.

There’s no reason to hold back when explaining why the industry is so interesting, because if you don’t think so, how will you convince customers otherwise?

Betina Vestergård Jepsen [Maternity leave] Social Media Specialist
Betina Vestergård Jepsen [Maternity leave]
Social Media Specialist
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